Digitec Hellas specializes in Pcb Assembly and Design.We have over 30 years of experience in the field of electronic indusrty, we use the latest technology equipment(SMT) with driven development.We have the proficiency of handling both high volume productions as well as prototype development in the best prices in the global market.

High performance and precision SMD assembly process.
Soldering Reflow Oven
Manual soldering for special sensitive parts

Printed circuit boards assembly intergrates all previous activities
such as design and manufacturing.
We consider that pcb assembly and component mounting are the most
important steps in the process of creating each device.
Able to handle imperfetions that may arise during the process of design and
implementation of PCB as well as any delay that may occur.
SMT and THD assembly constitute the main core of our business
and are entirely made in our laboratory.We manufacture
using the latest technology machines and equipment.Assembly can be done
in a leaded or unleaded way (in compliance with ROHS)
according to the client's preference.

Smd assembly capabilities:

Dimensions : 400x480mm,Double sided
Fine pitch down to 0.2mm
Active-passive components,smallest size 0402
Any board shape or type(ex. Flexible)